Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Mantrasingen Sharanagata mit Shankari

The Sharanagata mantra is a mantra from the Devi Mahatmyam, from the Narayani Stotra. We have a lot of workshops on mantra chanting and music by Yoga Vidya:
It is a mantra for protection. The Divine Mother is invoked for protection and assistance.

Here is the text:
Om Sharanāgata Dinārta
Paritrāna Parāyane
Sarvasyārti Hare Devi
Nārāyani Namostu Te

Reverence of Goddess Narayani. She saves the desperate and needy persons who seek refuge in her. Greetings to the Devi, which eliminates all the sufferings of her admirers.

More mantras to sing along with at -  It´s song number 601 in our Kirtanbook on page 78. You can buy the Kirtanbook -
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Shankari singt sehr berührend das Sharanagata Mantra. Es ist eine Mantra aus der Devi Mahatmyam, aus der Narayani Stotra. Es ist ein besonderes Schutz Mantra. Die göttliche Mutter wird um Schutz und Hilfe angerufen.
Sharanagata Mantra Text und Erläuterungen von Sukadev Bretz:

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